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Cory & Michelle

Michelle & Cory

We were excited expecting parents at a routine pre-natal check-up when the doctor said a few words that changed our lives forever. I know it will be for the better. There’s more to the story that will be coming soon and much more to the story that has yet to be written. Regardless, this is a love story and one that will have a happy ending.

This journal was created to document our experiences between the days finding out our son had Down syndrome until he came into this world. Some of the posts are hoppy, some aren’t , some are silly and ALL of them are honest and an account of our emotions on that day of our journey.

If you are here for the first time and want to catch up, there is no better place to start than the beginning. Go here for the first journal entry.

If you are a stranger, learn about us here and NEVER hesitate to reach out. More than anything, we want to be a resource for parents who’ve been given a prenatal diagnosis to show them that emotions are normal, but the payoff is worth the sometimes difficult journey.



**This blog is a journal and a historical chronicle of our experience with a pre-natal diagnosis, so it hasn't really been updated since the birth of our son. To keep current with ous and see our day-to-day, please follow us on Instagram to see how wonderful our life is with our amazing children and all of the upsides of having a child with Down syndrome.