Baby boy is getting great gifts…helpful, too, cuz we have a zillion girls clothes but nothing for boys, so this is a nicely timed holiday for him! I’m feeling really happy today, Christmas Day, knowing that out lovely little daughter is genuinely grateful for her gifts and we are doing something right with her. After opening her gifts this morning, she ran up to both of us and thanked us and hugged us and said “Merry Christmas”. She gets it.

Today is a busy day with Christmas celebrations and I am curious if anyone today will bring up Baby boy’s DS. So far in all of our interactions this holiday season with dozens of people, not a word. I get that it’s weird and taboo, but you can talk to us about it. To be fair, we haven’t really brought it up much, but I’ve slipped it in there a couple times just to let people know it’s ok to talk about it. I’m taking it easy for now cuz I know a lot of people are still figuring it all of and what it means to them, but I’m thinking that January is gonna be the month people will get sick of me talking about it :-) I just want the elephants in the room to disappear and everyone to be really comfortable with it.

Maybe as a result of being in the holiday spirit and seeing what this holiday means to kids, I’m extra excited about bringing baby boy into this world so he can share in the magic of the holidays. It’s gonna be next Christmas in no time, right!?

Lastly…gonna hold out on the baby name for another day. Today is about baby Jesus, not baby H.

Merry Christmas!


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