Today, our friend Anna texted a photo of this great story/analogy that is right on the money. I believe that perspective is one major thing I’m learning thru this whole ordeal. And, this particular way of looking at our situation is amazing. I’m stoked for my trip to Holland!



One thought on “Awesome Perspective

  1. Dear Cory and Michelle,

    With tears in my eyes, I read your message. I then paused and thought of two timely things that I saw in the last two days. One was a movie on a different disease and the other is what I saw on my walk at crossroads this morning. She was the sweetest little girl with the nicest smile for me and she had downs. I have known others and they are the most loving children and can really bring joy to a family. I know God picked two parents who will be the best for that new little baby boy. You also can be assured that all of us will love and do anything to be part of his life. You have already shown how wonderful you are by learning all you can even before the birth. As you know, I find strength and comfort in my daily prayers. I will be including all of from now on. Kiss Michelle and Liddy for me and I thank you for telling us.

    Our Love to all of you.

    Grandma and Granpa

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