Well, it’s been crazy busy around here. A lot going on and breathing room doesn’t look too close. Amongst the recent and upcoming events are:

  • Advertising Awards Season – some of you know, but I have been highly involved in the American Advertising Awards for the past many years. I recently completed my term on the national Board of Directors and the Council of Governors. It’s been a great run. I have always been highly involved in my local ad club competition, as well, and am again this year. And this past weekend I went up to Fargo to help get their competition steered in a little straighter direction. On the ride up, I brought with me a judge, and former client/colleague from Minneapolis. We had a lot of catching up to do, so it was a nice time in the car. We shared some stories and I mentioned Parker’s DS. He mentioned that his two children go to a charter type school in MPLS where all kids, including many special needs kids, are all immersed together. He asserts that this young generation will be the most accepting of all people, regardless of disability, race, creed, etc. It was a great talk and also gave hope that all the people in Parker’s life will treat him like anyone else.
  • Liddy’s Birthday – #3! Gotta get a plan figured out officially, but it sounds like we’ll be doing a little gymnastics date with her gal-pals (and their mommies) and then some family stuff at some random times due to travel plans for various people.
  • Polar Plunge – only a few weeks away! You can still sign up to be on our team, or donate to our team by checking out THIS POST.
  • Finishing Parker’s room – while this isn’t an official event, it’s a project that needs to happen. Big strides have happened, but there’s still work to do and the clock’s certainly ticking.

There’s lots of other stuff happening, not to mention just coming off Bubba and Hailey’s wedding weekend just 2 weeks after the Holiday season. but it’s just generally been crazy busy.

In other news, my grandpa (my dad’s dad) isn’t doing well, has been in slow decline since late last year and on Saturday he was taken to the hospital where it appears that some of his major organs are continuing to function poorly.  He has had a rough, but long and great life. He’s had many times of trouble, but many more of triumph. He’s been a great example of what to do, and, frankly, what not to do at times. Deep down, he’s this soft-hearted wonderful man. I think his being able to overcome his alcoholism for the good of his family (not to mention himself), is something I think of often. Shortly before Michelle and I decided to try for our first child, I quit drinking and eating poorly. I knew that if I was to be the best parent I could be, it would mean I was always level-headed and I was, well, around to be a parent. Not that I necessarily think I am going to die young, but I figured it’s important to start working toward health in my older age by developing great habits in my younger days.

I’ve been over to visit my grandpa at the hospital a couple days this week and he’s doing much better. They’ve got the big things under control, which is great. We took Liddy over there yesterday and he brightened up quite a bit. She’s so fun and sunny and her smile is contagious. I think he was in better spirits the last couple days anyway, but you know it’s special to have 4 generations in one room enjoying each other’s company. At this point, there is no telling how much longer he has left, but I’m hoping that Parker gets to meet his Great-Grandpa for sure…I think they’ll like each other.


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