Liddy couldn’t stand to be away from me during the church service, so made her way up to stand by me and the other groomsmen. I couldn’t turn her away…too darn cute. Chelle and I managed one quick photo…not our best work :-)

This past weekend, my brother Bubba, got married. The wedding was at a beautiful lakefront resort about 75 miles north of where we live. It was a pseudo-destination wedding and we all moved into the lodge and it’s surrounding cabins and cottages for the better part of the weekend. Needless to say, it was a nice set-up and a great escape from the city.

I was a combination of excited and anxious to see the hundreds of people I haven’t seen in awhile. Many of those faces were on people who know about Parker, many weren’t. Being part of the wedding gave me a little shelter from a lot of the “what have you been up to?” obligatory chit-chats, but also made it harder to find a lot of time to talk with some of those people I haven’t seen in awhile. Honestly, given the logistics of everything, I did a lot of quick hello’s cuz there just wasn’t really time to have meaningful conversations with a lot of the folks I would have love to have chatted with.

The wedding did, however, clearly demonstrate that many people are reading this. Of the dozens of people I talked to to, almost all of them mentioned they’ve been following, which was pretty cool to hear. It also made me feel less like I had to give everyone a big run-down, and we could get to just talking and catching up. One of my goals in writing this blog was to let people keep up and save me from having to re-hash everything every time I saw a new face.

Everyone had really kind words and a lot of positive reinforcement, as well as compliments about out attitude and approach during what could easily be a sad and trying time. It always feels good when someone says nice things to you, but it’s also nice to know that people care enough to keep up and pledge their support.

When we got back to reality early this week, Chelle and I started talking about how much fun we had and how great it was to see everyone. We also talked about the fact that the reality of it all is getting much closer. If things time out like Lydia’s birth, the baby will be here in the early part of March, so that’s not terribly far away when it comes down to it. Between now and then we have a lot of stuff on our schedule between work things, Liddy’s b-day, the Polar Plunge, etc. It’s gonna come up super quick, so we can’t forget to get all of our ducks in a row…less about parenting a special needs child, but more about PARENTING. It’s been 3 years since we dealt with an infant…I think I forgot how that works ;-)

We’ll be good, but it will be happening sooner than we are ready for.

In other news, support our Polar Plunge effort by clicking HERE

And I did some cool stuff for Parker’s room and I’ll have some photos up soon.



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