One thing that has been on my mind a lot over the past couple months was the idea that we didn’t think twice about bringing Parker into this world, regardless of his number of chromosomes. I know this is a touchy subject, but one I think is worth talking about.  In our reading and even more in our discussions with people in the DS community, we’ve heard some staggering statistics about the number of parents who elect to terminate the pregnancy when they find out that they may be having a baby with DS. Some have even suggested the number of early detection abortions is around 90%. WOW. That’s been in my head for sure. Regardless of where you stand on abortion, it’s hard to argue with the fact that some, if not many of those abortions would have resulted in a baby without DS. If I’ve learned anything from our roller-coaster experience, is that NOTHING, NO TEST, NO SCREEN is right all the time. In fact, many are downright unreliable and very ambiguous.

During my brother’s wedding last weekend, I had a nice talk with a life-long family friend who, herself, happened to be adopted. We were talking about our situation and I had mentioned just how common it might actually be if there were less terminations. She made some powerful statements about how important choosing life is because she is the product of someone making that decision. Given all I’ve learned and what we fully expect to be the case about DS people’s quality of life nowadays, I see it as completely selfish and wrong to prevent that child from having a chance.

That all being said, we didn’t consider it our option to terminate this baby. We did, in all honestly, quickly discuss the idea of putting him up for adoption, but once the shock of the situation wore off, we laughed at that moment of weakness.  We are responsible for this baby’s life and we are ready, and even excited, to have him join our lives despite the very unknown nature of what lies ahead for him.

Politics aside, I hope that Parker will be an example of life to everyone around us and help steer people toward valuing all life, it’s certainly reinforced my views.

In lighter news – Parker’s room is gonna be awesome. Almost done and pics to follow, I swear!



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