While yesterday, the day we found out that our baby boy has Down Syndrome, was remarkably upbeat with lots of love pouring in from the small circle of people in the know and a couple very nice new friends reaching out to ensure us that things will be wonderful, today has been a little more difficult.

Today, I decided it was time I told a couple of my best friends – the two best friends I’ve had for the last 20 years or so. Both were exactly as supportive as best friends should be. I expected no less. Both told me they were glad to hear my positive outlook and knew that Chelle and I can handle this.  That’s comforting. They, like virtually everyone we’ve talked to, pledged their full support in anything we need.  I don’t know that we’ll ever call in as many favors as we’re being offered, but it’s nice to know that the well won’t run dry in case we need it.

Right now, frankly, those favors I want to call in are really about shining some sun on Michelle who’s having a tough time. I have been reminding her that it’s 100% normal, 100% expected and 100% acceptable for her to feel sadness, anger, confusion, frustration and a myriad of other emotions. She’s entitled to that. I am too, but I have just found, through a period of rough times in my life, that I am an “all-in” personality, so if I went down the negative path, I’d be miserable and it wouldn’t be easy to find my way out.  So, of course, the opposite is true and I am just buying-in completely to this circumstance being one of great joy and positivity. It’s working for sure.

Michelle has definitely been feeling the weight of our new reality today and it’s making it harder for her to see through to the upside of it all. It will come in time. In the mean time, though, her besties, Anna and Kelsi, are bombarding her with all the love and support that they can. Their relationships are hilarious and wonderful. While they are providing a really genuine love and support, they also sprinkle in enough silly humor to get Chelle snorting (good snorts) and that is why I love those two.  Everyone else in our life that knows, which is still a fairly small circle until we figure out how this all works, has been amazing. We know this is going to be one of those things that changes not only us, but everyone in our lives and I, personally, am excited for that. I already feel closer to many people and know that will continue.

For tonight, that pizza I so desperately sought last night as comfort food will help us out. I’m going to get it myself since my courier, unavailable last night, is booked tonight as wekk, so I’ll make the quick trip and am sicking Anna and Kelsi on Michelle to have an exchange via their new favorite iPhone app, a virtual walkie-talkie engine called Voxer. It’s pretty hilarious, actually.

We’re hanging in there…


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