Today is Michelle and my 16th anniversary of being together (wedding anniversary is actually next week, too). This milestone is a special one for a lot of reasons, but right now I can say that we are closer than we’ve ever been.  That’s saying a lot. We’ve been together since we were just kids, really. We’ve gone through virtually every life milestone together, all the big ones at least. Its been half my life now and more than half of Chelle’s. That foundation of friendship, trust and love has made the past couple weeks so much more livable than it would have been with someone who didn’t share that same history.

I’m so blessed to have her for a million reasons, but most of all the fact that she’s brought the most joy into my life as a mommy to Lydia. I know that she’ll do that again with Baby Boy and continue to enrich all of our lives.

Despite the emotional few days with our new reality, today is about love and happiness.


A few photos from the last 16 years.

A few photos from the last 16 years.

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