It’s been a crazy few days of holiday madness and Santa’s not even here yet. We’ve celebrated a couple times and also had a fun day ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Probably from that specific event and the generally sub-zero type weather, Liddy has a bad cold and I’m starting to head that direction. It’s not hurting our holiday spirit by any means, just means we won’t be trying to stay up too late and meet Santa.

We have a full day tomorrow with Chelle’s folks followed by her extended family on her mom’s side in the afternoon which is sounding like a crowd upwards of 40, so that should be quite the scene…come one over, no one will notice :-)

On the baby front, we have a name picked out and some seriously cool plans for his bedroom. Maybe as a Christmas Day present, I’ll divulge all of that top secret info.

In the meantime, leave out the milk and cookies and hope you made the “Nice” list! We wish you a happy Christmas and really appreciate all the love and support over the last month or so.



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