As most of you know, I played college baseball at the University of Iowa (Go Hawks!). Recently, one of my teammates has been in the news for what could only be labeled as a tragic story.  However, it’s really been more of a powerful story of love and life, than sadness and loss. I heard about his wife’s struggle with cancer earlier in the year, but this news of their child being born through a surrogate was very uplifting and a great reminder about what lives can really be, but also the beauty of legacies that can live on through children.

Our situation, though different in so many ways, is similar in the simple fact that it’s about love through difficult times, unknowns and sadness. One thing that really resonated with me in this story was how Nate describes Laura’s attitude through her battle as being so positive that no one around her was able to be negative about it. That’s the exact way I have been trying to be about baby boy’s DS.

Love is powerful. Happiness is powerful. Positivity is powerful.  The opposites of all of those are equally as powerful, and could be the emotion that others join you in if you let them. I’m so impressed with everyone I’ve ever met who has had struggles like Nate has dealt with, but has been able to truly stay positive and loving throughout it all.

Nate’s going to have times where he has difficulties being a single dad, but there is so much power in having the right attitude and his love for that little girl will power him through even the toughest moments. I know that our love for baby boy will be that fuel that gets us through anything.

Take a few minutes and read the story and watch the video here. It’s a special story.

Nate and his daughter.

Nate and his daughter.

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