I have a lot to say about our trip to the perinatologist yesterday, a trip that was a huge mix of emotions, many of which I am still processing and all of which relate to the gigantically different info we seem to be getting from one care-giver to the next and one visit to the next…that’s a story for another day.

As promised, we have a name picked out for the baby! It was deliberated a lot and since going into this whole thing, we were fully expecting girl, it’s all fresh and new, but we decided…well, Liddy decided.

Liddy’s new favorite book is called “Penny Loves Pink” about a girl who loves girly stuff and pink is her color. In the end, she has a new baby brother. His name is Parker! We happen to really like the name and Liddy has dubbed our little guy Parker and there looks to be no turning back.

I think it’s a really strong name and the one rule I had was to choose a name that didn’t sound like a little kid forever (Tommy, Joey, etc.) cuz I think people tend to treat Downs folks like kids forever and I didn’t want to further that with the wrong name.

Parker is gonna be amazing, he’s gonna have one amazing big sister and he’s gonna get all the love we have to give him. Can’t wait!


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