It’s 11:51pm on Saturday night. I’m rocking Lydia who woke up screaming a little bit ago. It’s been a rough couple of days with her being sick, tired, cranky and not quite herself.

These few days of struggle and lots of snuggling got me to thinking about what “normal” means. That’s a word that most people probably would say is the opposite of Down Syndrome.

Lydia is amazing. She’s gorgeous. We literally get stopped by strangers all the time telling us how beautiful she is and how she should be a model or something. She’s also brilliant. She talks like no one near her age does. She picks up on things in an almost scary way and is so far ahead of other kids her age in so many ways. None of these things, by the very definition of normal are, in fact, normal.

Why, then, if baby boy is going to have DS would we care if he were “normal” if Lydia is anything but. He’s going to be talking and learning and reaching some other milestones at a pace unlike most other kids. He’s not going to look like a lot of other kids. So, essentially he’s going to be exactly like his big sister.

We’ve been talking a lot about what it will be like with him being so different from Lydia. I actually think him having DS is better for the simple fact that we can have expectations and set goals to exceed them. If he was “normal” we would (stupidly) expect him to do everything exactly as Liddy did and on the same timeline. That certainly wouldn’t have happened and it probably would have been frustrating or difficult to deal with.

The beauty of humanity is that we are all really different in so many ways. Regardless, baby boy was going to be very different. Down Syndrome is certainly going to make him unique and amazing. One thing it won’t make him is “normal”. I’m not even sure what that word means when it comes to kids, I just thank God Liddy’s not normal and am thankful baby boy won’t be, either.

Now…I would prefer if Lydia was a better sleeper, but you can’t have everything :-) Typically, Downs kids tend to be mellower and that probably translates to being a decent sleeper. I guess we’ll see. I’m excited to have him here and find out.

In other news, we think we’ve arrived at a name…stay tuned!


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