It’s certainly not without some level of fear that we’ve been telling people about baby boy and his DS. I can think of only a couple people where I was truly confident about telling them. It’s a difficult thing to say, even when we are as fully accepting of it as we are, because each person has their own predisposed ideas of what DS is and what it means about the baby and us, as parents. I’m starting to not really care what others may think, because I want to change their perceptions anyway and starting really educating anyone I can on what this all means and what DS really is. I’ve already corrected a few people’s misinformation and I know, through this blog, I’ve been helping some others learn more and more everyday about DS and the differences…or the samenesses.  It got me thinking about what it really means to me as a parent for a DS kid and how it’s gonna be different from Liddy, if at all.

I literally jotted down a list of things that I was thinking about as it relates to parenting this little fella, vs Liddy. It goes something like this.

  • Infancy – same….sleep. poop, eat (ok, DS babies tend to have a little tougher time with nursing, but we’ll figure it out).
  • Smiling/Laughing – I’m HILARIOUS, how could this kid hold back? Downs isn’t gonna stop raw emotions of happiness, so that’ll happen a lot.
  • Crawling/Walking – he’s gonna have more trouble with it, sure, but that just means he’ll be snuggly that much longer!
  • Talking – will be slightly more challenging, but I have a feeling when he gets the hang of it, this kid won’s shut up, either :-)
  • Learning – I’m thinking we’ll be shocked every single day at how much he’s learning…so – same.
  • Loving – we’ve got a lot to give, so does he. Shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Making Friends – shouldn’t be a whole lot different in the early years – playdates, etc. He’s a kid and other kids won’t see it any other way.
  • Making Enemies – that’s probably more of an issue I’ll have. I already know I’m gonna hate anyone who stands in this kid’s way of doing anything he wants.
  • Music – it is the best thing that Liddy and I share, we sing and play every day and it’s the happiest memories I have of her life so far. I need at least 2 more members for a legit family band, so this boy has no choice but to participate. I have a pretty feeling he’ll love it.
  • Family – You don’t get to pick ‘em, as they say. But, you DO get to choose how much you care for each other and that will be an easy one. Our family is going to be really special, really different and really fun. We’ll make sure we don’t try and be anything other than who we are and things will be fantastic, I just know it.

There’s more and this is a growing list, but I am really finding that my nerves and worries are the same as they would be for any other kid. Our lives aren’t really gonna change any more than they would have…internally, at least. Externally, there will be different looks from strangers and different experiences for us that we wouldn’t have otherwise had, but I’m prepared to live our life in the way we would have always intended – vacations, car-rides, snowmen in the winter, Wiffle ball in the summer, etc.

In other news, I won my way with an amazing furniture purchase for the baby’s room with an outstanding leather rocking chair and I have also won my way to do a few unique decorating things for his room. That is no small feat considering Michelle is an expert interior designer. I have, however, proven myself both handy and trend-setting when it comes to home decor, so I think I’ve earned this opportunity.  Pics to come!




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