It’s been several days since my last post and with good reason. Sadly, but also sort of joyously, my grandpa passed away on Monday. His body was just ready to be done fighting, but his mind was there the whole time so we got to have him “there” the whole time, which was a blessing.

Of course losing someone you love is tough, but he’s had a great long life and we can be thankful for all of the memories, especially those that happened in his final few days while at a great hospice house just a couple miles from our house. We spent virtually as much time as we could there with him and virtually all of the family. It was a really great reminder of how important family is…we’ll certainly need that support system for us in the months and years ahead.

I learned a lot from my grandpa, but what I learned most is you need the right wife, and man did he ever have the right one. My grandma is one of my heroes. She’s the most selfless person, almost to a fault, she’s super smart, she is the same kind of busy-body that I am and she’s got a backbone like few other gals of her generation could have. She reminds me a lot of Michelle. The nurturing mother is a special thing and I got lucky because that type of person takes care of everyone around them and I sometimes need it as much as any kid would.

We are thinking Parker is gonna be here a little early to get a head start on benefitting from that motherly wonderfulness. It’s a little sad that grandpa didn’t get a chance to meet him, but that just means grandma won’t have to share when we stop by for some great-grandma snuggles…plus, he’ll be looking down, toothpick in his smile, and we’ll feel his love and pride for sure.


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