I want to start off by saying minivans are amazing vehicles that provide an unmatched set of features in one single package. Now, that being said, they kill your street cred like all white New Balance shoes with khakis would. Not our new van…NOPE! It’s amazing!


So what? It’s a nice minivan. What’s the big deal?

Well, the big deal is that we have been looking seriously at vehicles to handle our growing family for months and months. When it came down to it, vans made the most sense and we are in love with our Nissan Murano (SUV) and Chelle has been smitten with the new style Nissan Quest (van) since its redesign a couple years ago. We decided to look hard for the right Quest.

Without dragging this story out forever, Quests are really hard to find since they are so new and no one has really been trading them in yet. We have kept our eye on the listings since Summer and only a couple worthy listings showed up anywhere within 150 miles away. In mid November a fabulous local one-owner Quest popped up at a dealer about an hour away. I called and texted with their sales staff for about a week to work out all the details and scheduled a time to drive down and buy it on a Saturday. I was working out all of this on the day we had our Level II ultrasound. Literally as I was driving to the hospital, I was on the phone with the salesman agreeing to some terms and when I arrived at the hospital, I hopped out of my car to take some photos of it since we were going to trade it. Before hanging up, we agreed on a price for the trade and the sale and it was fantastic. It was the right Quest, the right price and we were very excited. They agreed to hold it for me til Saturday when I’d come pick it up.

Well, a couple hours later, I was leaving that appointment, tearful and distraught over the news that we were very likely having a child with DS and my mind was racing with a million thoughts. Chelle and I were both very emotionally reactive that day and we immediately thought that our only options with this kid were to have him and never have any more kids, or (stupidly) have him and give him up for adoption. In either of those cases, we didn’t need a van to handle our family that would either just be the 3 of us, or at max the 4 of us.  So, based on that emotional mindset, I texted the salesman that due to unforeseen family issues, I’d have to back out of the deal.

After a few days of processing our emotions, we started thinking more clearly and realizing that whatever the results of the test, we were going to have this baby and, amongst other things, we would definitely still want the van. So, first thing Monday AM, I texted the salesman and he texted me right back that it sold over the weekend.  That was a big opportunity missed for so many reasons, but really hurt because I had a gutless reaction and blew our chance.

I remember telling a bunch of people that after we came to grips with the realities and possibilities of this baby, the only real negative feeling I had was blowing our chance at the minivan ;-)

Fast forward to last Wednesday where I made my (almost daily) check in on the auto sales websites in hopes that a Quest would just show up miraculously at a dealership within a reasonable drive and guess what came up?  Yep!  The best part, too, was that it was a local one-owner, mint, the more upgraded package than the other one (i.e. the one we REALLY wanted) and it was a decent price. It happened to be in a town about 2 hours drive away. It also happened to be at a dealership that was in the same family of dealerships as the one I worked at on my first job out of college. That was nice cuz I knew their process and was able to very easily work with their sales folks to work out all the details from a distance so our trip to go get it could be quick and easy.

I ended up going to get it on Saturday, which happened to be the onset of this amazing polar weather patter that hasn’t come in decades. It was a terribly cold and icy trip down, in my old car with bald tires (I wasn’t gonna put $600 worth of tires on a car I was gonna trade for not a lot more than that), and due to that weather, the trip that is usually 1.5-2 hours, was more like 2.5 hours.  Thankfully, at the last second, I got ahold of my dad to see if he wanted to ride shotgun and keep my company. He was a great addition to what would have been a white-knuckle nightmare.

In the end, Chelle got her dream machine. It’s really great and we are so excited to have it for when Parker arrives. It’s so much easier to get the kiddos in and out and it’s gonna be so great for when they are a little older and can enjoy some of the fancy stuff.  For now, we are just thankful and blessed to have it and I am especially happy that we could get one before he arrives and I can stop kicking myself for blowing the last deal.

Road trip anyone? :-)


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