Well, after what seemed like a million trips to the clinic or the hospital and leaving with bad news, today was different. Today we had our echocardiogram, a thorough examination of the baby’s heart. The results were that the heart is perfect! No sign of defect, no holes, growing well, working properly!

It felt great to get some uplifting news and even better because that takes away the last true remaining worry about this pregnancy. Things going forward should be routine, or at least as routine as any other pregnancy. Had the opposite results come back, we would have had to prepare for immediate heart surgery when the baby was born.

Another nice thing to feel was being on the happy side of the odds. In this case, 2/3 of Downs babies have a heart defect requiring a procedure, so to be in the minority this time was actually to our favor. Can’t lie – it feels good.

Obviously things can happen in any pregnancy and we aren’t worry-free completely, but this is a good morale boost.

The best thing is that it frees us to create a birth plan that doesn’t limit us to a doctor at the hospital. If we want to do another all-natural birth with a midwife like we did with Liddy, we can do that without worry. That’s a nice bonus.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and thoughts over the past few weeks, we appreciate everyone’s support.


One thought on “Thumbs Up!

  1. Hi Guys,

    I read this good news and gave special thanks to God. After all our dealing with heart problems, this really made us happy for you and baby boy. You are so special and I look forward to your updates for all of us.

    We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

    Till then our love to all of you.


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