So, obviously the entirety of this situation is, itself, a weird coincidence, but there were a weird series of occurrences that made everything seem eerily fateful. For instance, About a month ago, I was contacted work by a person at March of Dimes to take part in a fund-drive. March of Dimes’ efforts support babies with birth defects and one of the programs that they fund is a major Down Syndrome research project and they also fund a support program for Down Syndrome.

Another not-so-weird coincidence was that I had emailed an aunt of mine to seek her support in my fundraising and I sent her an email that the subject of the fund-raising has gained new significance in our lives with the news of baby boy’s DS.  She, as it turns out, didn’t get the email right away because she was out for dinner that very night with an adult with DS that she is guardian to.

There has been more and more things, some specifically DS-related, some things that I will just say are “signs” that we were up for this, as well. No matter what mystical things abound, I am sure of 1 thing – there are no accidents in this life. Things happen for reasons. Cliche as it may be, we WERE chosen for this because we can do it. I believe that whole-heartedly and am looking forward to the exciting times ahead.

Coincidentally, if you would like to support my March of Dimes fundraising effort, I have til mid-day Wednesday (12/4) to hit my goal an I am not quite there yet. You can go to my campaign page and donate directly to my goal. I would very much appreciate it. Go here:


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